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Policy for Information Collection

Business Information:

We collect information that relate to your business. This includes, but is not limited to, your contact details, company profile, products, e-mails, website, catalog, trade leads etc. All such information is collected when you voluntarily submit your information to this site for your registration and subsequent use of this website or as a result of signing up for some newsletter, sending us email, feedback or filling any customer survey at meis-india.in

Payment Information:

This includes any information relating to any payment made or attempted to be made to our company via credit card, cheque or bank transfer to use our services. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, email address, phone number, bank details, cheque number, etc. meis-india.indoes not collect sensitive payment information such as credit, debit card details, netbaking etc. Users who wish to pay through online are redirected to secure server of payment gateway providers (PayU).

Statistical Information:

This includes Visitors’ IP Address, browser software, operating system, pages viewed etc.
Collectively Business Information, Payment information and Statistical Information are referred to as "Information Gathered".

Policy Regarding Usage and Sharing of Collected Information

Business Information:

Since we are in the business of collecting and publishing business information to maximize the reach of the businesses registered with us, it is safe to assume that all "Business Information" may be publicly available on the site and therefore can be accessed by any Internet User.

So you are requested to take care in disclosing any information that are copyrighted or covered under any confidentiality agreement. We reserve the right to publish the data in any format that we feel is necessary which includes, but is not limited to, any of our sites, print media, CDs, DVDs and any media known or not known today. This information may also be shared with authorised agents who sell our services or provide support to our customers and with verification agencies for the purpose of third party verification of the Business Information

Payment Information:

These details are never disclosed to anybody other than if required by law. With specific regards to credit card, Debit card, NetBanking details while ordering online, all such data is directly submitted at secure server of payment gateway service providers.

Statistical Information:

We collect and aggregate statistical information to sell and market our services better, manage and diagnose our problems. We use third party software and services to collect and manage the statistical information like Google Analytics, click-tracking software, log analysis, etc. so this data will be available to such service providers also. Sharing of Statistical Information with any other parties is on aggregate basis without any personal information

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